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Find the compliant Ventilation rate for any room.

Our handy calculator below will make it easy to comply with the building regulations.

Please bear in mind to get a system that works effectively to improve air quality, is often more than simply fitting a fan. If you need help, ask!

Step 1. Calculate your required Airflow

Use the ventilation rate calculator below to fill in the property details. You will then be given the airflow required to comply with Part F regulations.

Not sure about the different types of ventilation systems? Find out how they work and the minimum required ventilation requirements here, or ask us!

Ventilation Rate Calculator

Things we have to say

Selecting the correct ventilation rate is only part of complying with Part F of the Building Regulations. In some cases trickle vents, under-cutting of doors, fan placement and other requirements are necessary to comply. You can familiarise yourself with Part F here to ensure you comply. The Elta Trade Ventilation Rate Caluculator was correct at the time of publication and we try our best to keep it up to date, however, requirements can change, so we recommend always confirming the ventilation rates in Part F yourself. As we cannot see the place of installation and are not system designers, the rates we recommend are only recommendations and not substitutes for a correctly designed system. No two installations will be the same. With this in mind, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect selections and installations.

Step 2. Find the Fan

Once you have got the ventialtion rate, use the filters below to apply it and find the products that suit your requirements.


Positive Input Ventilation
Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Unit with Heater & Advanced Control

Flux HR Plus+

Advanced Single Room Heat Recovery Unit with easy to use remote control


Whole House Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit (MEV)


Positive Input Ventilation
Loft Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Unit

Flux HR

Single room heat recovery unit, perfect for landlords or where automatic control is desired


Constant running trickle & boost fan

Jetflow SJMF

Purge Ventilation
EC In-line Mixed Flow Circular Fan
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