decentralised mechanical extract Ventilation

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV) systems consist of individual fans installed in specific rooms, providing targeted ventilation and a boost to air quality where it’s needed most.

These units help a room “breathe” and reduce indoor air pollutants and humidity levels. Ideal for tackling problems associated with condensation dampness such as mould growth.

Decentralised units come in the form of extract fans or single-room heat recovery units. Both types operate continuously to improve air quality.


Single Room Heat Recovery

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation units that run continuously on trickle, then boost their speed when rooms are occupied or moisture rises.

Continuously running, low energy, ultra-quiet, alternate flow supply and extract fans with heat recovery for use in habitable areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, basements and hallways.


Constant running trickle & boost fan

Flux HR Plus+

Advanced Single Room Heat Recovery Unit with easy to use remote control

Flux HR

Single room heat recovery unit, perfect for landlords or where automatic control is desired


dMEV is the opposite of centralised (MEV) ventilation and uses a fan, in each room needed. Decentralised ventilation provides a constant level of ventilation which considerably improves air quality in the home. When the unit detects moisture, it boosts the speed automatically.

intermittent house

Why is dMEV so good?

Highly efficient

The EC motors are designed for continuous running and feature high-quality ball bearings.

They provide a very low power consumption.

Use our Running Cost calculator to find out!

Trickle and boost for all rooms with Intelligent humidity sensor

Our dMEV’s feature trickle ventilation that maintains a constant low level of ventilation, ensuring a fresh environment even when you’re not actively using the space.

When the built-in humidity sensor detects moisture in the air stream, it boosts the airflow effectively removing pollutants and excess moisture.

Low noise

Our winglet-type impellers feature a unique design with enhanced aerodynamic properties that effectively reduce noise while increasing efficiency.

Extra control

If you want even more control, you can add additional sensors for occupancy such as a PIR, additional humidity, C02 or a manual override.

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