Centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation

MEV units ventilate multiple rooms or areas simultaneously, with a single centralised unit. It is a smart and effective way to improve air quality and prevent moisture buildup in your space.


Whole House Mechanical Extract Ventilation Unit (MEV)


MEV is the opposite of decentralised (dMEV) ventilation and uses a single fan unit, normally located in the loft space or a cupboard to provide a constant level of ventilation which considerably improves air quality in the home. When the unit detects moisture, it boosts the speed automatically.

Why is MEV so good?

Highly efficient

Having only 1 fan that extracts stale and humid air from multiple bathrooms/ensuites/kitchens and utility rooms rather than 1 in each, means more efficiency.

The EC motor is designed for continuous running and is efficient at all speeds.

Trickle and boost for all rooms with intelligent humidity sensor

Our MEV features a trickle ventilation mode that maintains a constant low level of ventilation, ensuring a fresh environment even when you’re not actively using the space.

When the built-in humidity sensor detects moisture in the air stream, it boosts the airflow, effectively removing pollutants and excess moisture.

Low noise

By utilising a single unit for multiple rooms, designed with a sound-proofed lining and a smooth, quiet running EC motor, mounted away from occupied spaces; an incredibly low noise solution can be achieved.

Extra control

If you want even more control, you can add additional sensors for occupancy such as a PIR, additional humidity, CO2 or a manual override with speed control.

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