Making a Claim

We provide warranties on our products because we trust that, if looked after properly, our products will last a long time.

If you would like to make a warranty claim please read the below conditions to determine if your warranty claim will be valid. If you believe that it will be then you can complete the claim form underneath. Once received, a member of the Elta Trade team will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.

Elta Trade will honour the warranty on their unit if the following conditions apply:

Perfect Delivery

If the unit was supplied to you from a third party using their own transport method it must have arrived without transit damage. If we provided the transport then any transit damage would be covered under the warranty.

The unit was installed and commissioned properly by a suitably competent and qualified person in accordance with all relevant regulatory requirements and accepted good practice and that evidence can be provided on request to confirm the same.

No abuse

The unit has not been misused or subjected to abuse in any way.


The unit has been regularly and properly maintained and that evidence will be provided on request to confirm the same.

How to make a warranty claim

Step 1. Complete the form below.

Step 2. Return fan to Elta Trade for test & report. If, after inspection, we agree that the unit is covered under warranty, we will either repair the unit or provide a new unit to a UK mainland address at no cost. If we declare that the unit is not covered under warranty, we will advise why and provide a price for repairing or replacing the unit.

If a replacement has already been purchased, we will issue a credit if the unit is found to be covered under warranty. If not, no credit will be issued and the invoice for the replacement will be payable.
The goods will then be available for customer to collect for 14 days after the report is issued. If we do not hear from the customer after 14 days then the goods will be scrapped.

Online Claim form