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Did you know?

When building work in an existing dwelling includes work on ventilation (Ventilation includes replacing a window, door or doing energy efficiency work), the ventilation of the dwelling should then either:

a. Meet the current standards

b. Not be less satisfactory than before the work was carried out.

We can help you understand and meet these requirements.

Handy Tools

Running Cost Calculator

Find how much one of our fans will cost to run.


Fan Finder

Find the correct airflow for the room type and size.

Fan Finder

Part F of the Building Regs, Types of ventilation and required airflow.

Find out about the different ventilation types and how they each comply with Part F of the building REGs.

Part F

Air Quality

Find out why air quality matters and the improvement it will make to quality of life.

Product Information

What is PIV?

What is single room Heat Recovery?

What is decentralised  (dMEV) ventilation?

What is Intermittent ventilation?

What is centralised (MEV) ventilation?

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