Intermittent Extract Fans

Intermittent ventilation as the name suggests, operates intermittently, traditionally when the light is turned on.

What is Intermittent Ventilation?

Intermittent ventilation is the classic approach, using a fan to remove moist air when needed.

Typically connected to run when the light is energised (hence the name intermittent), however for the best solution we recommend installing with a humidity sensor.

How to get the best out of Intermittent Ventilation

Having a fan that operates only when the light is on means that moisture is often left in the room or worse, escapes into the rest of the dwelling to cause condensation. Picking a model with a timer or humidity sensor can greatly improve your air quality.

Install the correct size unit for the room

It may sound obvious but just putting any fan in a hole in the wall will often lead to disappointment. Use our Fan Finder, enter the size of your room, get your airflow, then pick a unit that will comply with the regs and ventilate the room correctly.

Adjustable Run-on Timer

Ensure you pick a unit with a run-on timer to ensure that moisture-laden air is evacuated after the room has been vacated.

We also offer PIR sensors with built-in run-on timers for advanced control

Built in Humidity Sensor

Our Luxe range is available with built-in humidity sensors. These units will operate when the humidity level rises regardless of room occupancy. Humidity sensor models also feature premium ball bearings for reduced running noise and longer life.

Remote Humidity sensor

For ultimate control, all our units can be installed with a high-quality, super-accurate, remote humidity sensor.

Installing one of these at the correct height ensures all moisture is dealt with for the best air quality.

Something to think about

Ventilation methods and options have changed a lot recently. We now offer many different types of fans and methods of ventilation which can improve the air quality in a dwelling by ensuring only the required amount of air is expelled from your building, so heat isn’t wasted. If you’re not sure what’s best, ask us!

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